Continuous investment in marketing and distribution, quality control and manufacturing capabilities have made the PINCO INDIA name famous for high quality products at the right price, creating an international reputation that ensures customer satisfaction. Renowned both by machine manufacturers and processors alike, PINCO INDIA is known throughout the world for pins, pinned products and textile accessories for processing fibre in every conceivable application:-

  • Loose pins. Among the world's largest supplier. Standard or special types.
  • Hackle stocks. Conventional wood base or Aluminium base with plastic insert.
  • Lags for rag tearing in Wood or Aluminium, round or flat pins.
  • Inserts. Replaceable pin strips, either pre-glued or press fit.
  • Steel faller bars for most gill boxes - NSC, Savio-Cognetex, OKK, Okuma, Sant Andrea, Mackie, etc., also faller bars for hard and bast fibres.
  • Disposable faller bars for maximum economy.
  • Faller screws. Comprehensive range for most gill boxes.
  • Nygills.
  • Brass Gills
  • Metallic Strip Inserts
  • Astrotec
  • Pinned products. Suppliers to major textile machinery manufacturers, as well to other industries too numerous to list.

PINCO INDIA offers various coating to resist corrosion, improve wear, or even enhance cosmetic appearance. These include Titanium Nitride, Chrome Carbide, Nickel. Zinc and coloured finishes.

Virtually any diameter of pin can be produced to a tolerance of 0.0005” (0.012mm) and any length of pin is available from 1/8” to 6 ½” or longer. Almost any shape or length of taper can be produced to suit particular requirements.