These Pins find application in the Jute Industry, where we commenced our journey over 100 years ago. We are still one of the leading manufacturers of these card and knock-out pins.

Round in section, these pins have a "barrel" taper for approximately one third of the total pin length.



These pins are used in conventional staves for the carding of fibres such as jute, sisal, flax, etc. They can also be used for shredding, combing, carding and spinning processes.

Ordinary card pins are generally used in hardwood staves, and sometimes the pins are called "doffer", "stripper", "worker" or "feeder" pins, depending upon which cylinder the pins are for.



Virtually any diameter of card pin can be produced to a tolerance of about 0.0005"( 0.012mm). Depending on the size, a tighter tolerance can also be made available on request. This is a vital characteristic of these pins since in areas where re-pinning takes place, the pins can be maneuvered to suit the lags, so that the staves can be re-pinned more often and the degree of stave damage can be reduced. We are equipped to produce any length of this particular pin between 1/8" to 6.1/2" or even longer to suit the specific requirements of our clients. More specifically these pins can be supplied in either imperial or metric sizes.