Ordinary gill pins are round in section and have a long taper which is approximately 90% of the total length of the pin.



They are used for drawing of nearly all fibres. The stronger gill pins process fibres like jute, sisal, flax and hemp, while the finer pins are used for woolen/worsted draw frames etc. Most gill pins can used in faller bars, but variations of gill pins are also be utilized in feed rings, tenter plates and porcupines.



Pinco India is well equipped to produce practically any length or diameter of gill pins. Diameter variation from one size to another can be as small as 0.0005" (0.012mm) allowing faller bars and pin plates to be re-pinned a considerable number of times and consequently saving money.

Addressing special requirements, Pinco India can manufacture a pin with "reducing head" or "driving taper" to aid the pinning process. This basically is a gill pin with a long head which is reduced in diameter by a very small amount, resulting in a pin which is secure in the faller bar but at the same time easy to pin.