These are similar to gill pins with a round section and long taper, but in addition these have a key/indentation at the head of the pin. The two most common types of key on a keyed gill pin are "wedge" and "notch".



Keyed pins are used for combing/carding/drawing of the same fibres as ordinary keyed gill pins. The key is simply another method of holding the pin in the comb, faller bar or pin plate etc. Keyed pins are used in plastic or nylon moulded combs, but the key also provides extra grip when the pins are glued or soldered in position. The majority of keyed gill pins are used in nylon inserts which are then glued into faller bars



As in the case of the other available pins, any size of keyed gill pins is available with a variety of keys and several different taper shapes. When ordering keyed pins, it is an imperative to state exactly what type of key is required. In case of absence of exact knowledge, please send us a sample. In the event of it being impossible to determine the type of key required, Pinco India will supply pins with a 1/16" notch key.