New Astrotec Plus

PINCO who are the original developer of the Astrotec glass filled nylon fibre disposable faller bar have continued the development of the bar and have launched The NEW 'ASTROTEC PLUS'. The bar is manufactured from a complex recipe of one piece steel core which reinforces the unique coloured glass filled nylon fibre body. This coloured glass filled nylon fibre body together with the colour coded end cap identifies the pinning.

The NEW 'ASTROTEC PLUS' completely eliminates the need for repinning and it's associate skills. It conducts static electricity which increases yarn quality and weighs less than 50% of a conventional Steel Faller Bar thus also reducing chain wear, stretch, noise levels and power consumption.

The NEW 'ASTROTEC PLUS' is a precision moulded product- the pins being moulded directly into the bar- giving the benefit of a brand new faller bar every time, with the most precise pinning alignment possible. Astrotec is used as standard by many mills. The NEW 'ASTROTEC PLUS' is a significant re-development of the already successful Astrotec further improving life and quality.

  • New one piece core improves strength
  • New Plasma Nitrided steel core and end improves life.
  • All colour code glass filled nylon fibre body for easier identification
  • New tooling resulting in superior moulding
  • Rounded top to the mould reduces lapping
  • Straighter pin line