These pins are round in section and generally have a barrel taper for approximately one third of the total pin length. But their point of dissimilarity from a card pin is that the tail of the pin is reduced in diameter for about one third of the pin length. This permits quicker and easier re-pinning.



These pins are used for carding of fibres like jute, sisal flax, manila, hemp, and all other hard/coarse fibres. Knockout pins are used in Aluminium staves (which are fitted to card numbers JF1 to 10) and many other metallic rollers and combs.



As in the case of card pins, virtually any size of meta pins can be made available. This is especially significant as the re-pinning of Aluminium or steel is a very critical process and if stave distortion is to be avoided, the maneuvering of sizes is an absolute imperative. Pinco India, thus offers the customer an extensive range of sizes assuaging his diverse needs for pins of suitable diameters and preventing stave distortion successfully.