PINCO INDIA Pins and Pinned Products are widely used in processing of fibres like sisal, hemp, jute, kenaf, flax, ramie, wool, cotton, silk, synthetic , textile waste, tobacco, and paper, as well as being prominent in such items as pet combs, cosmetic combs, dart points, screwdriver blades and many others.

Pinco India has the ability and willingness to design and produce specialist textile pins from stainless, carbon, and coated steels and the use of high quality materials with tight tolerances ensure the extended life of the products apart from enhancing their characteristics. These factors are paramount in keeping Pinco India products in the forefront of modern pin technology ascertaining their consistent quality, enviable reliability and unfaltering availability to the world markets.

Since its inception over a century back, Pinco India has leapt from milestone to milestone and has today gathered ample expertise, knowledge and confidence to claim uncontested superiority over the rest, solely owing to its innovative technology and cost effective solutions.

Quality and consistency are synonymous to the Pinco India products and this reputation has been achieved through the stringent application of meticulous control measures throughout the production processes. Each step in machining and heat treatment is monitored and samples are subjected to rigorous quality control. The meticulous stages of hardening, tempering, polishing, coating and surface finish all reflect our dedication to the production of flawless products.

Rigorous testing is an essential part of the production control. Our product range of textile pins is extensive and requires that each batch is carefully checked for dimensional accuracy and shape, as well as surface finish, temper, hardness and strength. Small pins have dimensional tolerances of 0.00025" on diameter and 0.004" on pin length. The margins for error are extremely narrow, and that reflects the attitude of Pinco India to the maintenance of high quality.

The modern method of polishing used by Pinco India significantly improves the finish of the pins while maintaining the sharpness of the point. Our packing compliments this and is done immediately after polishing in a climate-controlled environment to ensure that the pins reach the customer in perfect condition.