The cornerstone of Pinco India was originally laid in Bradford, England, over a century back. Presently operating out of the Indian subcontinent, Pinco India has earned itself the reputation of being one of the largest manufacturers of textile pins in the world.

Pinco India produces a wide range of high quality textile pins, respected throughout the international textile industry by both machine manufacturers and fibre processors. The unremitting quest to excel which has been our virtue for almost over a century has abetted Pinco India to perfect the production of pins for all types of fibres from jute and sisal to the finest cottons and wools.

On a recent visit to the Indian factory, Mr. John Shaw, the Sales Director of Pinco India (Bradford ) opined "The new Pin factory in India incorporates all the machineries and techniques from the old factory in Bradford together with many updated and improved systems which collectively produce a quality as good as, and in some cases, better than before".